The autumn starts around Picnic de Palabras NY

The weather could be our best allied or our worst enemy. By: Emily Pellerin

Sunday, September 27: Maria Hernandez Park, Brooklyn, New York; USA

image3This Picnic de Palabras was the first of the brisk fall season – with glorious weather, we were in just as glorious spirits and found the families in the park to be so, as well. Once we set up blankets and lay out the books, though, we found that no one (as we’d been lucky to have experienced before) came running by their own curious volition. So, we set about the park inviting families and kids over. Once a small crew gathered, others joined and there began a nice coming and going of kids and parents.

We were encouraged to find that most of the families that came by Picnic were new, having not seen us in the park before, and were excited about the program. We’re hoping to see some of the same faces at the upcoming Picnic.

image1Likewise, we were encouraged to find that not just English- and Spanish-speaking families were coming by the blankets to read (as is usually the case). There were bilingual Asian kids and a bilingual French family, all from the neighborhood. We’re hoping that the upcoming Picnics can continue to see a diverse cultural and ethnic attendance.

It was, as it always is, rewarding for the kids (they always want to keep their favorite books!) and for the volunteers (some of whom were new last month). The next Picnic – we await another beautiful, brisk fall day full of children’s literature and community.


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